We are faithfully and globally supported by the social responsibility of corporations, by service-oriented schools and organizations, and a host of merciful individuals.

Our top 10 donors in 2015  (in alphabetical order)were:

  1.   AY Foundation (Philippines)
  2.   Bloom Foundation (Philippines)
  3.   Bowland Charitable Trust
  4.   Firetree Asia Foundation Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  5.   Deutsche Bank Singapore
  6.   Global Learning Support (Philippines)
  7.   Lao Foundation, Inc. (Philippines)
  8.   Travelers International Hotel Group, Inc.
  9.   Philippine Community Fund (U.S.)
  10.   Purple Community Fund (U.K.)

Ayala Foundation has been especially responsive to our calls for assistance with disaster relief and during the holiday season.

Special recognition belongs to the Purple Community Fund in the U.K., whose regular monthly support accounted for 53% of total 2015 giving.

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