Private Education Prep Program

The foundation operates a government-recognized private school in the Tondo center. We are restructuring the school this year around a new goal of our highly disadvantaged students prepare for and transition successfully to public schools, where we continue to support them with supplemental education programs and social services, including health, nutrition, and medical support.

Public-school prep. The foundation recognizes that the most needy children in the community are those who have very little chance of accesses or succeeding in the public schools, even with a public school sponsorship. There is a subpopulation of children in the communities who are either too delayed to enter age-appropriate grade (and therefore do not enroll), or did not complete the compulsory kindergarten, do not have the documentation to enroll (birth certificate, etc.) or have a family history of domestic issues that have led other siblings to dropout at an early age (out-of-school youth). Without a “bridge program” between their current educational situation (delayed or indefinitely out-of-school) and the public school, they are not likely to succeed. However, these select students can enter our foundation school to prepare themselves for public school entry. They are assessed annually for integration into the public system. The goal is for students to be ready for public school within 1-3 years.

Selection process. Our rigorous census, criteria and assessment process ensures that every child and youth in our target area is counted and reached with an educational offer that aims to give them a chance at school and success in life. Often times, it is the poorest of the poor who also do not gain access to poverty alleviation programs because they are so removed from even the systems that aim to help them. Children who need the most help often have parents who are lesser educated, less engaged and less available for their child’s success. These families need outreach workers that go the extra mile to ensure they are counted in the educational area census and are assessed and offered support that is tailored to their needs. Read more about our needs assessment and referral process. We select students based on social need, not cognitive or aptitude.