Public School Success Program

The Public School Success Program aims to ensure that students in public schools are adequately supported. We support the hidden costs of public education by helping families purchase uniforms, school supplies, and helping certain families with extraordinary transport costs. We also offer supplemental education, such as “Saturday School” tutorials, anytime coaching, access to art programs, the library, computers, project materials, etc.

Our social workers and nurses form an outreach team to ensure all children and families in our programs are healthy, safe and secure from factors that undermine or threaten their educational chances and success in life. The foundation offers complimentary nutrition, health, child protection and community partnership programs that support our students and educational programs.

Our public school-sponsored children and youth (and their families) have access to the foundation’s social services, including health, nutrition, and medical support. We are scaling up a number of supports previously offered only to students in the foundation’s private school. For example, along with monitoring attendance, we will be monitoring for malnutrition by monitoring all students’ height and weight. Any students measuring as wasted or severely wasted will enter our new family-centered nutrition program.

We are preparing for a 60% growth in the public school sponsorship for the 2016-17 school year. The growth comes from two sources: moving up students from our Public School Prep Program (our in-house school) and reaching out to siblings of current Purple Centers scholars who are not yet in one of our programs.