Disaster Relief

The Philippines is located in the “ring of fire,” prone to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, and monsoons. The conditions of the communities we serve are vulnerable and at high-risk of flooding and destruction during the annual monsoon season, which stretches from June to November and often punctuated by devastating typhoons. Because many families depend on garbage collection and sorting for their livelihoods, the monsoons slow them down and interrupt their work altogether. When there is no work, there is no food. On a good day, families are working for their next meal.

The Purple Centers helps communities weather the storms and incidental fires that come from living in highly-dense and unsafe housing. After the second day of school cancellations from rain, we initiate relief operations. Social workers, nurses and other staff visit communities to check on housing conditions, survey damage and raise awareness about eminent services they can avail of at one of our centers. Our kitchen staff typically cook as many as 2,500 hot meals per day while other staff organize and distribute dry clothes and bed linens, offer health and medical interventions, and assess for other emergency relief serves.

The Purple Centers typically carries out between 3-5 relief operations every year.

You can help us help them by donating in kind items or financially to help cover relief expenses. Visit our giving page.