Alternative Learning Program

This is a new program being developed for the 2016-17 school year. It aims to offer more flexible and appropriate modes of education for unique students. The program targets:

  1. Over-age students. Many of the students enrolled in our in-house school are several years older than the average age for their level. They are not likely to transition successfully to public schools. They need to either prepare to test for a higher grade (to accelerate their graduation or support a smoother transition to a higher grade in public school) or they need to take a qualifying exam that graduates them. We will offer these students a program that is right for them.
  2. Working students. The older students get, especially boys, the more pressure they face to work and help their families earn. An alternative learning program helps them and their families not have to choose being labor or education.
  3. Out-of-school youth. Children as young as 7 and as old as 18 have all but given up on going to school, and parents have often lost the will and instead put them to work. We are building a program that can respond to the growing number of walk-in youth who want a second chance at education. Traditional school is not an option for them. They need more flexible hours and less formal teaching/learning styles. Other out-of-school youth are harder to attract into a program, but patient and nonjudgemental and determined outreach workers build relationships with these hard-to-reach youths.

The Purple Centers doesn’t believe in a lost generation.