Justice in Action

The Justice in Action Program is the implementation of our Child Protection Policy. By taking a a programmatic approach, we ensure the policy remains off the shelf and in the hearts and minds of our staff. Keeping children safe, pursuing justice for those who have been harmed, and aiding in recovery and rehabilitation is central to our mission.

The Justice in Action Program is based on continuous, small-group training of staff and awareness approaches among children, youth, parents and community leaders. Our Child Protection Officer is specifically trained on the investigation and reporting of suspected cases of abuse. We work closely with the Department of Social Welfare and Development, local police, and partner organizations.

The Child Protection Policy was developed in consultation with Stairways Foundation, a nonprofit organization that specializes in child protection and training on Philippine Law.  The Purple Centers Board of Directors approved the policy in December 2015, and it continues to undergo updates and clarifications as we learn more through its application. The policy has implications on sponsorship, communication, volunteering, and visiting. It guides us on safe, preventative interactions with children.

In the future, the program may develop to include the establishment of safe houses for boys and girls who are needing temporary shelter from abandonment, the development of family-based interventions and foster care program.